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Welcome to the web home of Melissa F. Olson, author of the Scarlett Bernard series and the mystery novel The Big Keep. Please use the links above to learn more about Melissa's worlds. You can read the books' opening chapters, view playlists for each Old World novel, or see a primer on the mythology of magic in Scarlett's world.

 Be sure to  subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive not-seen-anywhere-else content like deleted scenes and photos of book locations. You can also check out Melissa's blog where she talks about writing, entertainment, and motherhood. Melissa is also active on Facebook and Twitter, and tries to never post the same thing in both places.

For comments and questions, or to request Melissa for your book club or library gathering, email Melissa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thanks for visiting! 


TheBigKeep 500Melissa's new series kicks off with "The Big Keep"

For those of you with a taste for mystery, Melissa's new book, "The Big Keep" is the start of a new series with a different kind of hero: the kind who gets morning sickness.

Here's the back cover copy:

Former Chicago cop Selena " Lena" Dane has been going through the motions at her private investigation agency for years now. But then Lena learns that she's unexpectedly pregnant just as she takes on a heartbreaking new client: Nate Christianti, a fourteen-year-old boy in search of his biological father, Jason.

Jason's disappearance isn't as clear-cut as everyone had thought, and Lena will need to follow his path of destruction halfway across the country to find Nate some answers. Along the way, however, Lena attracts the attention of a killer who's willing to stalk her all the way back to Chicago to make sure she drops Nate's case. To protect the boy, the baby, and herself, Lena must find the killer – or die trying.  BUY IT NOW 

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strong female characterhotdogbarcrawl

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