Just a short update: I can finally announce that I have officially signed a deal for a third Boundary Magic novel, which will probably be called Boundary Born, and a fourth Scarlett Bernard novel. I’m really, really excited, and I can even give you a one-line preview of each book: Boundary Born is the story of Allison “Lex” Luther coming face-to-face with her biological father. The (currently untitled) fourth Scarlett book will be set a few years after the events of Hunter’s Trail, and follow Scarlett as she investigates a claim of innocence during the Vampire Trials. Don’t ask me … Continue reading

For Those Who Read Bloodsick…

A question that I keep getting, all over social media and email, is “Will Sashi and Will get an HEA?” I’ve seen this so often that I thought it was time to write a little blog and address it. If you haven’t read the story, though, please, please stop reading here so you don’t spoil anything for yourself. Okay, first of all, I have to say that I am honored that so many of you cared enough about Bloodsick to write me about the characters. A little background on the story: I created this novella after I was asked to … Continue reading