Just a short update: I can finally announce that I have officially signed a deal for a third Boundary Magic novel, which will probably be called Boundary Born, and a fourth Scarlett Bernard novel. I’m really, really excited, and I can even give you a one-line preview of each book: Boundary Born is the story of Allison “Lex” Luther coming face-to-face with her biological father. The (currently untitled) fourth Scarlett book will be set a few years after the events of Hunter’s Trail, and follow Scarlett as she investigates a claim of innocence during the Vampire Trials.

Don’t ask me for any more information on plot (i.e. “Will Molly play a big role?” “Does Will finally get a mate?”), because the story details are pretty fluid right now, and I don’t want to tell you something that won’t be true by publication. But if you’ve got a great idea for the Scarlett IV title, leave it in the comments. If we actually use your suggestion, I’ll name a character after you. 🙂

Meanwhile, I better get busy.


Boundary Lines is available for preorder now!

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  1. Hallelujah! I just obsessively read both Lex books and the three Scarlett books in a week. I can’t stop thinking about them so I’m thrilled to hear there are more on the way.

  2. Looking forward to your next books. I have loved listening to them in my car. If I could suggest something as a name for the next Scarlett book I would suggest Dead On: Null and Void.

  3. Do you have publication dates for the third Allison Luther book and fourth Scarlett Bernard book yet?
    I read way too quickly for my own good and have run out of all my favorite author’s books! Including yours, now, since I discovered you through Amazon’s free book download. Which was the first Allison Luther book. I then bought and downloaded every book you’ve written and have read everything in less than a month!
    So I’m anxiously awaiting more!
    Thank you and keep up the great work! I just love your take on the supernatural world, it’s a breath of fresh air!

  4. Loving the boundary series. Looking forward to seeing what happens with the third one. Would make a good movie series.

  5. Loving the books – just finished scarlet #2 and about to start #3 but wanted to check if there was a 4th on the way and find out when a lex #3 was coming out!!!

    My suggestion for scarlet #4 would be guiltless hunter – it keeps with the pattern of using parts of previous titles and kind of throws a question of morality out over everyone involved.

    Can’t wait for both books to come out and hope they won’t be the last ones!!!

  6. I love you books. Read the first Boundary book because it was a free one offered through kindle first and fell in love. Got the Scarlett series after that and could not believe how amazing it all was. I’m excited for the books you’re working on. Can’t wait!
    Scarlett book 4 suggestions:
    Redeemed Hunter
    Trial of a Hunter
    Preyed Hunter

    Hope those help and good luck writing!! Hope you and your family have are having a happy holiday!

  7. Ok, first of all, I freakin love your imagination! The “sandworm” seriously gave me the heebiejeebies!!! Oh God, and Quinn’s “The cold never bothered me anyway.” comment made me short tea up my nose, LOL!
    Love, love, LOVE your girls & how both series intertwine, please don’t stop writing ever!

    Oh & I have a couple suggestions for Scarlett’s 4th book:

    Bloody Innocence
    Vampiric Innocence
    Null Truth

    Hope it helps!
    ✌- Katie

    • I may, or may not, have watched more Tremors movies than is strictly healthy in the name of research for the sandworm. Although I have to confess that much inspiration also came from watching Beetlejuice too many times as a child. 🙂

  8. If you continue using the first word in the title of the previous book as the second word in the title of the next book I have an idea that might get a few laughs….. Vampire Hunters… Though I guess that would raise a few eyebrows for the book after

    I also wanted to say Thank You Mrs. Olsen, as a guy who is trying to write his own book and thinks his ideas are to different to be popular, you give me hope. I love(most) of your books, everything from the pacing to the characters to the world itself feels so different than most other urban-fantasies.

  9. Titles:
    Hunting Innocence
    Innocence Found
    Innocence Hunted
    Magic Hunter
    Shadow Hunter (my favorite!!!)

  10. That’s great news; I have thoroughly enjoyed both series so far. I’m looking forward to the continued stories of Lex and Scarlett. Thank you for the awesome stories. Here are some ideas I have for a title.
    Innocence Hunter’s
    Guilt Hunter’s
    Fault Hunter’s
    Culpability Hunter’s
    Liability Hunter’s
    Purity Hunter’s
    Clarity Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Clarity
    Virtue Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Virtue
    Truth Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Truth
    Certainty Hunter’s
    Conviction Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Conviction
    Belief Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Belief
    Trust Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Trust
    Hope Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Hope
    Courage Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Courage
    Resolution Hunter’s
    Credence Hunter’s
    Sentence Hunter’s
    Judgement Hunter’s
    Verdict Hunter’s
    Faith Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Faith
    Veracity Hunter’s
    Hunter’s Veracity

  11. Hunting Innoncence

  12. I’m excited about the fourth Scarlet novel and the third Boundary novel I loved them both. What about Lena? I fell in love with the character and her family and friends. Its one of the few times a woman with a tough or dangerous job has adequately expressed the dichotomy of wanting to be a parent and needing to be themselves. The mystery was fantastic the characters were so good I want to have a dinner party with all of them. Plus I can happily argue with Lena’s dad about comics. Thank for writing amazing characters that leap off the page like real people.

  13. As one word from the previous title gets carried over from each book and put in the opposite location, it looks like you need to use Hunter’s or maybe Hunter or Hunters (without the apostrophe) as the second word of the title. Maybe the first word could be something dealing with honor or honesty? Like “Honorable Hunter” or if you’re being a little more lax with conjugation “Honesty Hunting”. The opposite would be something about suspicion or guilt, like “Guilty Hunting” or Suspicious Hunter”. The most generic idea I had would be “Suspect Hunter”.

  14. It seems like there is a trend of using the first word in the title of the previous book as the second word in the title of the next book. I’m not sure whether this is intentional or a pure coincidence, but it seems fitting that “Hunter” appears in the title. I like the “Innocence Hunter” Angela suggested above. I’ve got:

    Blood Hunter
    Of Trials and Hunters

    I’m sure I will have more ideas when I finish the series!

  15. Hmmmm.. Scarlett IV…

    Final Trial
    Innocent by Trial
    Innocent Vampire
    Vampire Trials

    Maybe that will help?? LOL

    Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  16. I’ve got a handful of ideas for the 4th Scarlett novel! I’m running with the whole “innocent” idea. I honestly need to know a little more about the plot to make a more informed title, but this is what I’ve come up with so far:

    Also: Have you seen ‘What We Do in the Shadows’?? I donated to the kickstarter campaign to get it made, so I’m a little biased, LOL! I think it’s appropriate given your subject matter. One of the popular quotes is: “We’re werewolves, not swearwolves.” Another relevant quote I love is: “I’m really nervous. I’ve hypnotized those cops. I’m not a great hypnotizer, so it could wear off any second. I really hope that those guys (the other vampires) don’t kill the police, because it would mean more police will come. Possibly even Christians, which is totally the last thing we need in this house.”

    Thank you for writing such awesome books! 🙂

    • omg I LOVE that movie! My husband and I went to see it in theaters, and just yesterday we were discussing watching it again. It’s out on DVD now. Favorite line is probably when they’re talking about drinking virgin blood, and Vladislav says, “I think of it like this. If you are going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if you knew no one had f–ed it.”

      • WWDITS was an insta-favorite for me. I’m probably going to watch it again today. I’ve only seen it twice, but I catch something different every time. I’m so glad you’ve seen it! Everyone needs to see it, LOL! <3

    • Forgotten Innocence as a possible title

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