Seven Questions With Rob Brunet

If you follow this blog you know that every now and then I am honored and excited to host guest bloggers who are gracious enough to answer my (often bizarre) questions. Today my guest is Rob Brunet, the author of the non-supernatural mystery Stinking Rich. Rob is from Canada, he’s pretty much the nicest guy there (which is saying something), and his work reminds me of Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry’s fiction, although I didn’t clear that comparison with him so no one tell him I said that. 1. You have some hilariously creative names in “Stinking Rich” –”Perko Ratwick” was a particular … Continue reading

Boundary Crossed Soundtrack Reveal

Boundary Crossed by Melissa F Olson

If you’re familiar with me and my work, you may already know that I do a soundtrack for most of my books and post them on my website. By “soundtrack,” I don’t mean a playlist that I listen to while I write, but more like the music that would play in the background if you were watching this story as a movie. Each track more or less corresponds to a chapter, although occasionally a chapter will warrant two songs, or no songs at all. Part of the fun is trying to figure out what goes where, and why. What you … Continue reading

Signed Book Giveaway!

Today I’m trying something a little different here on the blog: In honor of the upcoming release of my new novel Boundary Crossed, I’m using this space to offer a free giveaway package that includes a signed book by Denise Grover Swank (trust me, if you like my stuff you’ll like this), two awesome bookmarks, and a tote bag to carry it all in. To enter, all you have to do is comment on this blog with the last great book you read. Seriously, that’s it. You can even come back later for a list of great book recommendations. Sorry–this giveaway is for … Continue reading

Cliffhanger Clarification

Okay, guys, I try not to use this space just for venting (like the rest of the world, I have a personal Facebook account for that), but there’s something that’s just been driving me nuts, and THE PUBLIC MUST KNOW. Endings. I want to discuss the difference (OMG THERE IS ONE) between three non-traditional devices for ending your story: the twist ending, the open ending, and the cliffhanger. (Note: This post includes unapologetic spoilers for the movies Ghostbusters, The Sixth Sense and Inception, because if you haven’t seen those by now, come on, what are the chances?) Let’s talk cliffhangers first, because that’s … Continue reading

The Books that Built Me

Well, the first draft of Boundary Lines is off to the beta-readers, and my three-month writing confinement is over. Like the groundhog, I have at last emerged from my winter den and taken a few blinking steps into the sunshine. (Hello, sunshine!) Because of my re-entry into the world, and the upcoming release of Boundary Crossed, my internet presence will be increasing in the next few weeks – which is why this blog includes a chance to win a prize! You know those viral things that go around Facebook, where you get tagged and have to answer questions, and then tag … Continue reading

Boulder Research Trip: Part 1 of 2

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (and really, why wouldn’t you?) you may have noticed that in early January I went on a research trip to Boulder, Colorado. That might have seemed kind of random at the time, but there were good reasons. After I finished Hunter’s Trail, the third book in the first Scarlett Bernard trilogy (got that?), my publisher was interested in another Old World book, but wanted to explore a new protagonist.There was a character I’d been thinking about for a while, Lex, but I had one major problem: I didn’t know where to set the book. … Continue reading

Mini-Blog 3: Why Jurassic World Terrifies Me

Note: Recently I’ve been participating in Facebook release parties, where in celebration of a new publication, an author hosts a bunch of other writers to show up and expound on a topic. I decided to edit, expand, and repost them here, in case you missed the party (which is your loss, by the way. We give away mad prizes at these things).    Guys, the Jurassic World trailer terrifies me. Not in the good way. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here, and then read the rest of this post. You’re back? Okay, good. Let’s talk problems. First, is it just … Continue reading

Seven Questions With Rob Blackwell

If you follow this blog you know that every now and then I kidnap and torture a writer until they cough up answers to my cruel and demanding questions. Okay, it doesn’t usually play out quite like that, but I am honored and excited to host guest bloggers who are gracious enough to answer my (often bizarre) questions. Today’s guest is D.C.-based urban fantasy writer Rob Blackwell, who I actually met on Twitter. We were friends for ages before I got around to actually reading his books, which was very stupid on my part. Now I’m loving his series, but … Continue reading

Advice for New Writers

Every now and then, I am asked if I have advice for new writers. Usually, I laugh for a good long while afterwards, but then if it turns out the person was actually serious, I realize I have to come up with something. I don’t blame people for asking, of course, especially because being a working writer is not at all what I thought it’d be. Before I decided to really pursue writing as my career, I assumed that one of the big bonuses to being a author was that you get to be your own boss. Nobody tells you what … Continue reading

Building Twitter Followers For Dummies

Sometimes people ask me why I bother with social media. I can’t really blame them – after all, it takes a lot of time away from actual writing. But I always just explain that there are two reasons: for one thing, it’s nice to have social interactions. If you spend all your time either writing or taking care of small children, like I do, you get hungry for any conversation that doesn’t start with a plea for more My Little Pony. The second reason, however, is this: The Powers That Be in the publishing industry –my industry—pay attention to social … Continue reading