Guest Blog: Seven Questions with Charlie N. Holmberg

Happy Tuesday, folks! (Yes, I did have to check the top of my computer screen to remember what day it was.) On Monday I will be kicking off a blog tour for The Big Keep, but meanwhile I have a great guest for you: Charlie N. Holmberg, whose first novel The Paper Magician comes out September 1st. Charlie and I have a lot in common: we both have three sisters, we both have babies, we both think hilariously worded signs are worth posting on Facebook. Too bad we’re about to become arch-enemies. Read on:

First things first: your book comes out the day before Hunter’s Trail. Why did you intentionally try to one-up me?

Sometimes we debuting authors have to resort to dirty tactics to get our name out there. I’m sorry it had to be this way, but you’ll pull through it.

The first two books in your upcoming Paper Magician series come out within two months of each other, which is unusual in publishing. How did that decision come about?

That decision happened really early on, actually. Why make a reader wait one or two years for a sequel that’s ready now? Hopefully when The Glass Magician releases, readers who enjoyed The Paper Magician will still have the story fresh in their minds and be eager to read the sequel!

The Paper Magician is about a woman who’s disappointed to learn that her skills lie in paper magic, which ends up being a very nifty power. What kind of magic would you choose to possess?

Let’s see… the magics used in the series are paper, glass, rubber, plastic, metal, and flesh. Honestly, despite the stigma it has in the book, I’d choose paper. Namely because paper is the easiest material to obtain. (Half the spells for metal, for example, would require I work a forge!) I’d just have to hope no one attacks me during the night or something, because paper sucks when it comes to defensive spells. And offensive ones. But at least it’s pretty…

Who’s your favorite writer to go see or listen to in-person?

Brandon Sanderson. He’s my favorite writer, period. He’s a very charismatic speaker and is brimming with great advice.

You have a sister who looks exactly like you. Have you considered using her as a double at public events like in Dave?

I think I know which sister you mean (I have three). Unfortunately I think her posh fashion sense (and her nose) would give us away. 😉



What are your ideal writing conditions?

Silent room, window in front of desk, sunshine outside. Baby sleeping. A desk that’s lower than this one and doesn’t hurt my shoulders. Working Internet and a full bottle of water.

If you could have any writer’s career, whose would you steal?

Again, Brandon Sanderson’s. He’s really earned a name for himself in the fantasy genre and has a ton of loyal readers, but he’s not J. K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin. Popular, but not famous. Extremely successful, has a variety of hats. And Hugo awards. I want his Hugos, dangit. And his podcast!

He also teaches a writing course at Brigham Young University, and I think teaching would be a fun endeavor to take on . . . in a few years, ha.

TPM coverCharlie Holmberg

Homegrown in Salt Lake City, Charlie was raised a Trekkie with three sisters who also have boy names. She writes fantasy novels and does freelance editing on the side. She’s a proud BYU alumna, plays the ukulele, and owns too many pairs of glasses.

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