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In honor of the release of my new novella, Nightshades, I’ve written a number of essays for a few different outlets. I’m participating in’s ongoing series “That Was Awesome,” which is where writers discuss another author’s work; “Five Books About,” where I’ll be discussing five other books about government agencies that deal with the supernatural; and “And Related Subjects,” which is a (hopefully) funny piece about my quest to find a hobby in my thirties. I’ve also got a piece over at “Read it Forward,” which is about finding signature weapons for vampires.

Below are the release dates for each piece. As they comes out, I’ll be adding the links, so please bookmark this page for future perusal. Happy reading!

Rewriting the Rules of Urban Fantasy: Paul Cornell’s London Falling
Posted 7/11 as part of “That Was Awesome” series on

How to Keep Vampire Storylines Fresh
Posted 7/19 on Read it Forward

Nightshades Q&A
Posted 7/19 on Civilian Reader

10 Authors With Tattoos Inspired by Their Own Books
Published 7/20 on Electric Literature

(Not really part of the Nightshades material, but it’s interesting, it includes me, and it came out during release week, so I’m posting it.)

The Big Idea (John Scalzi’s blog)
Posted 7/21

Five Books About Policing the Supernatural
Posted 7/21 as part of “Five Books About” series on

Testing the Waters: What to Do When You Don’t Like Anything
Posted 7/27 as part of  “And Related Subjects” series on

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  1. I’ve read all of your books, and I love your work! Right now, I’m waiting for “Shadow Hunt (Disrupted Magic Book 3)” To be released. Can’t wait! But I was wondering if there is any possibility that you will write more about Allison “Lex” Luther?

    PS Whenever I’m asked for a recommendation for urban fantasy novels your name comes up first! I also gave a Paperback copy of “Dead Spots” as a Christmas gift this year!

  2. Melissa,
    My husband, Ed, and I enjoyed Scarlett Bernard and liked the Boundary books even better. Ed picked up Nightshades this morning, and it was a case of “Ed, it’s time to feed the dogs”,–Oh, right– “Ed, it” time for lunch”,–Oh, yeah– “Ed, it’s time to feed the dogs”,–right– “Ed, it’s time for dinner”–uhunh. Then, as he was headed for bed, “That book took off on the first page and roared through. I’m so happy it’s just part one”.

    We buy our books at Uncle Hugo/Uncle Edgar in Mpls, MN

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