Old World Extras

Meet Max: the canine star of the Scarlett Bernard series!Max the dog

Max is Melissa’s half pitbull/half greyhound who not only appears in her novels, but lives to take care of her kids, keeps everyone’s feet warm and keeps the neighborhood squirrel population at reasonable levels. He’s an upstanding member of a breed that gets a bad wrap.

A Brief History of Magic in the Old World universe

Magic began when the earth did, if not before. As evolution began to form new beings, magic flowed along the fossil record, weaving randomly to create new beings. These generations of change progressed far too quickly, as is always the case when an imbalance threatens.  By the dawn of human civilization the world of magic was heavily populated and powerful, much more powerful than the world of the rational…

Old World: Origins

They may not have first person perspective, but that doesn’t mean these characters don’t have stories to tell and the Origins short stories and novellas tell them. Follow characters like Molly and Will on never before seen adventures.

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