Suggested Reading Order

If you’re interested in my writing, but not really into the whole magic thing…

Pick up The Big Keep, a hardboiled mystery about a pregnant private detective. No supernatural elements. You can also try Nightshades, which does contain vampires, but in this world they’re more the result of a virus than anything else. It’s a thriller in which some characters happen to have enhanced abilities, sort of like Blade or the President’s Vampire series. (One reviewer described it as “Criminal Minds with vampires.”)

If you started with Boundary Crossed

1. go back and read Dead Spots
2. learn about Scarlett’s relationship with her vampire roommate in the origin short story “Sell-By-Date
3. Trail of Dead
4. Learn how Will first got to know a very powerful healer witch in the origin novella “Bloodsick.” This was published as part of the Shifters After Dark box set, which only costs $1!
5. Hunter’s Trail
6. “Malediction
7. Boundary Lines
8. Boundary Born
9. Midnight Curse
10. Blood Gamble (coming late 2017)

If you’re new to Melissa’s books…

Follow the instructions above, but read Boundary Crossed in between Hunter’s Trail and “Malediction.”

If you’re obsessed with reading stories chronologically:

1. Bloodsick
2. “Sell-By Date”
3. Dead Spots
4. Trail of Dead
5. Hunter’s Trail
6. Boundary Crossed
7. “Malediction”
8. Boundary Lines
9. Boundary Born
10. Midnight Curse
11. Blood Gamble


  1. I also started with Boundary Crossed for free from Amazon, then read Boundary Born and Midnight Curse, so now i am backtracking and going back up to the beginning and get what i missed, and reread the others if I need to keep the flow going! Not my typical book to pick up, but I am hooked.

  2. That is a really good tip particularly to those new to the
    blogosphere. Simple but very precise information…
    Thank you for sharing this one. A must read post!

  3. Miss Kirsty Helen Yeo

    I read Boundary Crossed and Boundary Crossed after finding them on kindle and immediately searched for your other books, found this page and have since read all of the books (and short stories) just coming to the end of Boundary Born and seriously wondering how I will cope without my old world fix

  4. I reckon the scarlett books would make a great TV series…any plans?

  5. I’m confused. I read Boundary Crossed first and Locke liked it. Then I saw that there were earlier books so I went back because I wanted to start at the beginning. However, every time I start a new book I feel like I missed some of the story somewhere. Even though I’m going in the chronological order listed above. I for sure missed something between Dead Spots and Trail of Dead.

  6. Have read these books and enjoyed them all. Now waiting for the next. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi Melissa,

    I confess that I first read Boundary Crossed when it was given to me as part of Amazon Prime’s monthly Kindle book giveaway. But then I bought all the rest and have preordered Boundary Lines, AND have hooked some friends on them, too! Keep up the good work!

  8. Hi,

    The short stories/novella pieces: will they be in book form at some point? Would they be in anthologies? I would love them in book form.

    Thank you,
    Michele Lockwood

    • Hi, Michele!

      The plan has always been to publish all the short stories together at some point, similar to what Kelley Armstrong and Faith Hunter have done with their between-the-novels stories. I’m also planning to bind the existing stories together with a never-published novella (probably about Scarlett’s time in New York City in between Dead Spots and Trail of Dead) that I have yet to write.

      The problem is that my publisher really likes the full-length novels and keeps paying me to write more of them! I have to squeeze in the short stories when I can, but it may be awhile yet before I can put together a compilation.

  9. just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed all your books, and the best part is that each one has been better than the last. I read Dead Spots when it first hit the UF scene, and while I enjoyed it, I was not bowled over by it. Read the next 2 books, but I just couldn’t connect 100% with Scarlett. I almost didn’t read Boundary Crossed because of that, but since I got it free from Amazon, figured I’d give it a try. Wow!!! So amazed and impressed! I absolutely loved Lex, and now I feel so guilty that I got it for free that I’ve gone back and bought your novellas and also pre-ordered Boundary Lines. Keep up the great work, you are now on my pre-order list along with Ilona Andrews, Anne Bishop and Jim Butcher!

  10. Are there more Scarlett books forthcoming?

    • Never mind…just found the intelligently asked questions section and saw where you have answered this. Thanks for the wonderful stories.

  11. Loved “Boundary Crossed” and have already pre-ordered “Boundary Lines”! Now I’m going to read “Dead Spots” as you suggested above! You have made my fave authors list! Thank you!

  12. Awesome read! Thank you!

  13. Omg. Where have your books been my whole life? Just read boundary crossed and am on my way through all your other books!

    Thank you!

  14. Barbara Serfaty Williams

    I get your book “Boundary Crossed” for free from Amazon and I love it. Now I am going back to the first your fist books.

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