Shut up about Rogue One.

I’m seeing so many men posting on Facebook and Twitter today, defending the decision to have a female lead for Rogue One. The posts begin with something like, “”I guess a bunch of guys are upset that the new Star Wars film stars a woman,” and then they go on to explain why that’s a dumb opinion.

When this happened with the Ghostbusters remake, I kept my mouth shut, because I realized that all my male friends who were throwing support to the casting had truly good intentions. But now they’re all proclaiming the validity of Rogue One, and I just can’t you guys.

I love my friends, and I appreciate that you guys are aiming for solidarity, but there are so many reasons why I wish you’d stop doing this. Let’s start with the fact that Felicity Jones, who is stunning in the trailer, does not need you to defend her. The film doesn’t itself need your protection from sexist idiots. This is a Star Wars movie, folks. The main character could literally be a lamp and it would break the box office.


More importantly, however, every time an article comes out, or a Facebook post goes out, that says “I guess a bunch of guys are upset that the new Star Wars film stars a woman,” it gives those people a voice. It gives their stupid, ignorant opinions attention, even if the message is to condemn them. Please stop giving attention and cultural influence to a handful of dummies. They don’t deserve it.

Look, imagine that I said something stupid on Facebook like, “Nobody with blonde hair should ever get to star in a movie, ever again. They can be background characters, but never the star.” You guys might feel the need to post in the comments about me being weirdly ignorant, but you wouldn’t publish op-eds about it. You wouldn’t make a point to go on your own Facebook page and say “Melissa says blondes can’t star in movies. Here’s why she’s wrong.”

Why? Because it’s TOO STUPID TO ARGUE AGAINST. You would most likely ignore me, which is the right and proper response. Because in our current pop culture climate, the more you talk about something, the more you make it A Thing. And the fact that a handful of dummies think women shouldn’t star in Star Wars movies, or the Ghostbusters remake, does not deserve to be A Thing.

In conclusion. I suspect that many males are throwing their support for Rogue One because they figure if they don’t, we’ll all assume they side with the sexist dickweeds. Guys, come on. Just because some ass-clowns with penises for brains have a bad opinion of women, we’re not going to assume that all males are the same. We give you more credit than that, and you should know that we do. We don’t need you to bend over backwards disagreeing with stupid people. We need you to ignore them until they shut up.

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  1. Well, excellent points, Melissa, and I agree with every one of them. Still, the ****wits in the corporate media spent a couple of years doing much the same about Orange Julius in the name of “objectivity” and now HE’S in The White House. What’s the cure for being a tad gun-shy?

  2. You go girl!

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